Now accepting BitCoin!

Dear friends!

We are glad to announce that we have implemented BitCoin payments. Another important step towards maximizing anonymity was taken.

All payments are conducted via shared wallet to make it even more secure.

Have a great weekend!
YH Administration

18th Jan 2014
Price increase for .NET .ORG .INFO TLDs


This is to inform you that starting from Sept 26, 2013 prices for the .NET .ORG .INFO domain registrations will be slightly increased. This is caused by the price increase of the respective registries.

.NET - $21.99 / year
.ORG - $21.99 / year
.INFO - $23.99 / year

Thank you for understanding,
Management /

25th Sept 2013
Registrar's DNS ( under DDOS


We want to let you know that our registrar's DNS servers are under heavy DDOS attack. If you are using DNS ns1/ we advise to use alternative DNS soultions like CloudFlare in the meanwhile.

We will inform additionally once our DNS are back online.



17th Aug 2013
Template(design) crash

Good day!

Our billing area template(design) crashed today, so we had to replace it with the default one.

We are sorry for the confusion. We will be fixing this asap.

Kind Regards,
Administration /

23rd Jun 2013
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